About Us

We are a water transfer printing company located in the South West of England. Situated in Poole, Dorset Hydrographics have state of the art water transfer printing equipment. We have put in a lot of time, effort and investment developing the latest equipment available to the Hydrographics Industry. When we had a look at what systems are on offer in the UK and beyond, we couldn’t find one built to our exacting standards, so being design engineers we built our own. The prototype was so successful that retailing the machine was the next logical step.

“If you can paint it you can dip it”

The process has been known by many names such as camo dipping, hydro graphics, aqua graphics, hydro imaging, hydro printing, just to name a few. Water transfer printing is used on everything from boats, cars, motorbikes to guns, in fact if you can paint it you can dip it. It is durable, tough and comes in a variety of patterns. This method of printing is so much better than paint and decals. It is made to survive in a multitude of conditions such as UV exposure etc. Metals, glass, and plastics are the most common materials to be printed because they are strong themselves. Soft woods can warp and splinter so it is only used on hard woods. The main goal of water transfer printing is to put a lasting finish, generally a pattern, on an item that is subject to strenuous conditions.


As well as offering this technology we also want to give you the training needed to use the equipment successfully. It is all very well buying our machines and materials, but to be able to get the most out of it you will need this. We want you to have the skills necessary and ability to get the most out of this technology. As easy as the process may look there is an art to it and knowledge is key.


Cars and motorbikes, visual parts and engine bay items seem very popular at the moment. Alloy Wheels and trims, in fact your only limited by your imagination.