New Hydrographics Activator Launched in the U.K.

We are very excited to introduce this exceptional new hydrographic activator manufactured here in the U.K.

We’ve been very impressed with the way it handles all patterns and in particular the way it preserves the rich blacks and vibrant colours in the print.

It is our activator of choice and we’ve been using it now for several months for all our hydrographic work. We’ve also been very pleased with all the positive feedback we’ve had from our customers that have given it a try and are now switching from their usual activator to KelpiVator.

It is available to by on our online shop, prices are £15.95 for 1 litre, and £9.49 for an aerosol can. It is worth mentioning that the aerosol lays down beautifully and we have short a short video demonstration which is well worth taking a look.

Also worth noting is the low odour this product produces which means your clothes don’t smell nearly so bad after a day working at the tank.